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I can shoot this on my phone.  Should I?

by mindfulcompanies on May 1, 2018

15 years ago, you required a $100K camera and a skilled technician to shoot corporate video.  It was the realm of specialist production houses and came with a bill to match.

Today we carry the ability to shoot and record video in our pockets.  We know how effective video communications can be to inspire and engage employees.  So, a logical question for many, especially when considering budgets, becomes, can I shoot this myself?

Answer: Maybe

There is a place for quick, roughly edited internal video messages within the right context.  But the answer comes back to the purpose and importance of the communication.

For project managers on construction sites for example, daily, self-shot video messages to the team, and pointing out safety hazards, can be highly effective.

However, when the purpose of the communication becomes strategically important and is intended to be live for an extended period, more consideration needs to be applied.  The more valuable the end goal of what you are trying to achieve, dictates the level of investment in time, effort and budget.

‘Death by Video’ is a thing.  A poorly shot and awkward delivery on camera can be highly detrimental to your message and end up counter-productive.  When it comes to video, even a captured internal audience can be unforgiving.  You can also loose the objective or your messaging with too much information not delivered succinctly.

Business leaders need to be particularly mindful about how they present to camera.  Inspiring and engaging their people to work towards a common goal, is a key part of their role.  Video can be a powerful tool if they present authentically and with passion.  Video is equally detrimental if the delivery is considered staged and the power behind any message will be undone if not perceived as authentic.

A skilled director will work with business leaders and presenters to ensure a concise and authentic delivery to camera.  Lighting, sound, camera angles, and editing techniques all support a succinct and well produced production.

So with that in mind, there is still an important role for video professionals and directors within corporate communication.  All video communications should be led by a brief that clearly defines what problem you are trying to solve and what you are trying to achieve.  The value of this will dictate the level of investment.

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